P4ND4. In Black and White.

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About Us


The purpose of p4nd4 as a creative and commercial exercise is to use modern mass-produced technology and small-scale amateur craft and design to produce Likeable Objects.

We demand the resumption of those means of social progress which, it is our firm assertion, have not been curtailed by mass manufacturing and industrialisation; but facilitated to a greater degree than ever. The degree to which this facilitation has taken place lie in the ability of a very small (2 or 3 person organisation) to produce objects which combine complex electronics and software with one-off artisan craftsmanship in a way that has never been possible before.

Most of the objects here were made for specific commissions and to individual customer requirements. In each case, p4nd4 retains equal intellectual property rights, meaning that other examples can be made for other customers or purposes. Objects for which the IP has been wholly purchased are not displayed here.

We work almost exclusively with easily-available parts and materials. The purpose of p4nd4 is to innovate within the everyday, to make use of the products of industrial society which were not available in the past, to obtain resumption of the Means of Social Production which was.